About Apostoli Tsilikas

Apostoli Tsilikas is a first-generation Greek-American entrepreneur and advisor. In 2015, he started at Johnson & Johnson achieving Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification for $1.3B Chargeback Consolidation & Training Optimization. This served as a major stepping stone to working at Boeing as an Industrial Engineer saving his division $5M in Cost of Rework, Repair and Scrap with tracking dashboard and meeting cadence implementation at the age of 22. 

After that experience, in 2019 he decided to launch QuantumAdvertising.Co, a digital marketing and consulting agency, where he serviced food & beverage and healthcare industries. His most notable feat was 2x’d sales revenue for a LASIK eye surgeon in only 2 months during the pandemic. 

He transitioned from CEO to the owner/shareholder position in his company in 2023, and partnered with EduardoJoy.com and JoyCapitalFund.com as Chief Operations Officer in the multi family real estate coaching and investing industry. The transformation is based on his thesis focusing on increasing e-education demand and consistent real estate fund returns.

He is known for his expertise in operational strategy and customer acquisition systems.

Now located in New York City, Apostoli graduated from Drexel University with a BS in Business & Engineering with a focus on Operations Management. He spends his free time with his family and traveling with friends.